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New Features & Major Changes


  • UI redesigned. Navigation now moved to left side.
  • New: Multi-Language.

Ship List

  • New: Category tab for ship types that placed on top.
  • Optimized ship types order.
  • DDs will now be sorted by ship class.
  • Stat-table view removed.
  • New: Button for compare view that placed on top-right.
  • All stats are now viewable in compare view on mobile devices.
  • New: Navy flag for non-IJN ships.

Ship Details

  • New design
  • New: Navy, Resources for dismantle.
  • New: Level slider for stats.
  • New: Notes for special illustrations.
  • New: Tab for capabilities, which includes:
    • Special Capabilities
    • AACI
    • Speed-Up Calculator
    • OASW Calculator
  • New: Tab for equipable types.

Equipment Details

  • New design
  • New stat: TP (When available)

Akashi's Arsenal

  • New design


In Development

  • Pages
    • Home
    • Fleet Builder
    • TP Calculator
    • About
  • Frame
    • Navigation
      • Language Switch
      • Button for Background view
    • Background View
      • UI optimization
      • Download for original image
      • Upload custom image
    • For small screens eg. phones
      • Indicator: Page loading

Planned Changes

  • Fleet Builder
    • UI overhaul
      • Make ex-slot more readable
      • Add more stat / calculation (eg. AACI, ASW)
      • Add quick check for equipment set (eg. AACI, Night battle)
    • Folder for List view
    • API for importing build and full documents support

On the Horizon

  • Data stores on the cloud
  • Ship Details
    • New tab: Voicelines
    • New tab: Availability
  • Equipment Details
    • New data (or tab?): Availability
  • Akashi's Arsenal
    • New: Filter for screw number in weekday view.
  • New category: Expeditions
  • New category: Sorties
  • New category: Juckbox